Sharing and innovating with Europe

Since 1995, the European dimension is an essential part of ADEC’s project development. ADEC builds on the European Union strategy to construct and share its experiences and projects around the digital society and economy and sustainable development.

Participating in European funded projects proves to be an excellent way to:

  • share ideas and innovation,
  • stimulate creativity through multicultural diversity
  • exchange experiences and practices,
  • learn from difficulties
  • accelerate implementation time
  • find global responses to what appear to be local problems.

In order not to reinvent the wheel, the activities and results of ADEC’s European project work are shared with and transferred to the key stakeholders on its territory.

Greenov Project

Stimulating green renovation

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IT2RHINE 2020 E-Commerce Project

Addressing the challenges of crossborder e-commerce in the Upper Rhine

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RETS Project

Improving local and regional policy makers knowledge of renewable energy systems

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REA- Research & Innovation

Active participation in the Alsatian Europe network

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European know-how

Actively building and participating in numerous European funded projects since 1995, ADEC has cultivated a real know-how and understanding of the European project process.

It’s dedicated multilingual Europe team (English, French and Italian native speakers) masters collaborative project management and implements digital tools and platforms to facilitate project coordination.

  • As a project partner ADEC carries out activities such as
    Studies and analysis (desk research, surveys, benchmarking, interviews)
  • Identification of good practices
  • Competitive intelligence (production of electronic newsletters and website feeds)
  • Experimentation and evaluation of digital tools and usages
  • Promotion and stimulation of online collaborative work
  • Development and dissemination of awareness raising and training modules around the digital society and economy
  • Organisation of workshops and seminars
  • Dissemination through conferences and events throughout Europe.

Since 2010, ADEC coordinates on an European level the digital inter-cluster IT2RHINE and its projects, such as IT2RHINE 2020 E-commerce It has recently coordinated the RETS project /, and is currently submitting new projects in areas such as the silver economy and big data.

ADEC is an active member of the Alsace European Research and Innovation network REA (Réseau Europe Alsace)  that regroups key public local actors in an informal network promoting European cooperation.

Using digital for growth
in other economic sectors or activities

Research areas

The common thread linking all ADEC’s European projects is how the digital can support and stimulate growth in other economic sectors or activities.

Our research themes are developed through regular foresight for future macro-economic trends that can benefit our territory. We are a firm believer that European cooperation is an excellent method to accelerate knowledge acquisition and transfer and a key enabler in the uptake of innovation and technology.

Our main work areas focusing on digital uses

  • The Silver economy (active and healthy ageing)
  • E-commerce
  • Big data / HPC/ digital simulation
  • Cyberthreats
  • Open source software
  • Smart grids

Building partnerships with public and private actors working on digital themes


Over the years, ADEC has created an international network of over 250 partners in 22 countries with key skills in the different thematic domains we work in.

Since 2005, particular attention has been placed in building partnerships with public and private actors working on digital themes in the Upper Rhine cross border region. The inter-cluster IT2RHINE is one of the main results:

New technological trends and working areas oblige, ADEC is constantly looking to enrich and expand its network to include new partners and competencies, specialised in its research fields.

About ADEC

The ADEC (Association for the Development of Enterprises and Competencies) is an association governed by public law whose aim is to sustain economic development through supporting the digital transition of territories and organisations.

Our missions are to:

  • SUSTAIN the digital transition as a means of leverage for economic development and innovation
  • SUPPORT knowledge and skills transfer and spread technology uses
  • STIMULATE competitive intelligence and capitalise on good practices
  • PROMOTE both actors and the territory
  • FACILITATE exchange, especially cross-border, on an European level.

ADEC is supported by the Lower Rhine Council and located in a rural area at La Walck (North Alsace). It received the label technopole (Retis Innovation network) in 2008.

More than 20 years serving territorial development

The origins of ADEC belong to a successful gamble of the Val de Moder: putting Information and Communication Technologies at the service of local development.

Historically a shoemaking industrial basin, from 1993 the Val de Moder banked on ICT as a vector for territorial planning.

In order to carry out these actions and respond to the employment crisis, the Association for the Development of Enterprises and Competencies was founded in December 1993.

Since its creation, ADEC has gone through more than 20 years of change, and its missions have evolved with the transformation of the economy, the territory and technologies.

Born as a rural telecentre, ADEC has developed new competencies over the years: advice and support to the public and private sector, creation of an ICT company incubator, cross-border cooperation, development of digital skills, sustainable development, and the Silver economy …

The coordination and participation in numerous European projects has followed and supported the development of ADEC, who is convinced that looking further afield and towards Europe is the starting point for ensuring economic and social progress through joint construction.

Since 2005, ADEC has signed a partnership agreement with the Lower Rhine Council. Its missions are tailored to the Lower Rhine Council (CD67) needs and the global context. Currently, ADEC supports the CD67 in its approach to the “Silver Economy”, including the positioning of the Council within the European EIP AHA initiative, the management of the business centre in La Walck, competitive intelligence, participation in European projects with digital aspects, innovation and ICT.

ADEC’s strength is found in its working organisation through project management and collaboration that brings together multidisciplinary and multicultural skills.

Stimulated by a learning environment, ADEC updates its skills within a life-long learning process.


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